Dominican Republic: Calls for emergency state extension

The National Council of Private Enterprise (CONEP) asked the National Congress to accept the request for the extension of the state of emergency, considering that the conditions that gave rise to it persist.

Yesterday, the Senate approved a fourth extension of the state of emergency for 25 days to continue facing the coronavirus pandemic, after President Danilo Medina requested it.

The resolution will be known today by the Chamber of Deputies, where it will find the negative vote of the benches of the main opposition political parties, Modern Revolutionary and the People’s Force.
According to the business sector, at a time when a gradual reactivation of the economy begins, restrictions are necessary to guarantee control of the pandemic.

The main business union in the country explained that it is expected that with the resumption of activities new outbreaks of virus contagion will appear, which, depending on their severity, may require total or partial resumption of isolation measures by area or national level .
In this sense, they stated that Article 10 of Law number 21-18 on the regulation of the States of Exception is the basis for timely adoption of all necessary measures to combat infectious diseases such as the coronavirus.


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