Bahamas: Families Warned Over Killer Toads

THE MINISTRY of Environment is doing an inspection after reports surfaced on social media of an invasive and toxic species of toad reappearing on Bahamian soil.

#Scott Johnson, who identified himself on his Facebook page as a Bahamas National Trust (BNT) worker, reported the discovery of the cane toad in west New Providence. He explained he was prompted after several calls from concerned residents in the area. The cane toad releases toxins that are harmful to humans and can kill small animals.

#“I went to visit the area and came to a pond where between 30-40k cane toad eggs were found and 12 juveniles were caught, although I am sure that there are possibly hundreds of juveniles hopping around out west,” he said.

#“This is alarming, not just because cane toads are highly adaptive and invasive animals but because they are poisonous, producing a potent bufotoxin that can kill. . .animals… like your pets. I am advising all landscaping companies to properly inspect all of your vehicles and equipment for cane toad ‘stowaways’.

#“If the proper measures are not taken, these animals will disperse and continue moving east and the rainy weather is only going to assist them with their spread. I am sure no one wants to see a 6-10 inch toad in their yards, greeting them at their front door.”

#Department of Environmental Health Senior Environmental Officer Dr Rhianna Neely-Murphy said the ministry is aware of reports of cane toad sightings. She said the ministry is dealing with the matter internally and devising a plan of action.


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