Jamaica: JDF Under Fire – Disabled Woman Killed In August Town, Complaints To INDECOM Soar

With fresh allegations of a soldier killing a 44-year-old disabled woman in August Town, St Andrew, on Wednesday, the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) is coming under the radar after a rise in reports of assault and other criminal conduct.

Up to May 28 this year, the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) commenced probes into at least 18 incidents involving the JDF. The watchdog, which has oversight responsibility for investigating police and army excesses, probed 15 incidents for all of 2019, checks by The Gleaner have unearthed.

The revelation could resurrect concerns about the Jamaican Government?s increasing reliance on military muscle in quelling runaway crime, imposing states of emergency and zones of special operations in nearly half the country?s 19 police divisions.

Human-rights advocates have long warned that the militarising of crime suppression might ultimately undermine civilian security because soldiers undergo specialist training in full-throttle combat.

Family and friends of Susan Bogle, the disabled woman who was shot inside her 2 Bryson Road home shortly before 3 p.m., allegedly by a soldier during a police-military operation, is demanding answers and a swift and thorough investigation.


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