Dominican Republic: Mark Penn / Stagwell Poll: How many will vote and how many will abstain?

60% said they definitely will vote in July and 40% that it probably will. In January the proportion was 68% and 32%, indicating a reduction among those who will definitely vote.

Men and adults now say they will definitely vote, as do supporters of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and La Fuerza del Pueblo. Only 52% of independents say they will definitely vote.

Two thirds of the voters stated that they had decided their vote and that it was very difficult for it to change before the elections.

18% of those who had their vote decided can change it and 15% had not decided.

Among those that will not change is 92% of the supporters of the PRM, 85% of those of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and 89% of those of La Fuerza del Pueblo. However, only 52% of independents think so.


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