Trinidad: The new Carnival-Stakeholders make changes for post-covid19

The covid19 pandemic has brought many challenges across the Carnival and entertainment sectors, however, practitioners are seeing the lockdown as an opportunity to be innovative and to find new ways of operating in 2021.

The way forward was discussed on Monday at the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s (UTT) webinar called Coronavirus and the TT Carnival: Impact and opportunities to rebound after the crisis.

The event was hosted by Lama Pollard, a doctoral candidate, who said the panel did not represent all Carnival stakeholders but it was meant to “spark discussion and thought” about the current situation.

Marcus Ash, education officer, Pan Trinbago; Devon Seale, Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO) assistant public relations officer, Lionel Jaggessar, TT Carnival Bands Association (TTCBA) representative; Ryan D’Arcy manager, research, strategy and marketing, Tourism Trinidad; Jules Sobion, CEO, Caesar’s Army; Carla Parris entertainment lawyer and producer of The Business of Carnival and Simon Baptiste, creative director of International Soca Monarch were the panellists.

The webinar began with Ash discussing the innovative ways in which pannists and Pan Trinbago dealt with the challenges and spoke of the recent Panograma competition – hosted by Tobago-born pannist Nevin Roach and covered by Newsday – as one of the innovative events put on by the pan body and its members.


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