The Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training has been armed to make things a bit easier for a few more households in Barbados. With the Google G Suite Tech Drive already underway, devices for the less fortunate students to be kept abreast with online learning are being provided, and close to 100 additional tablets were presented to the Ministry yesterday.

In an open-air ceremony which took place on the lawns of the Constitution Road headquarters, the Rotary Club of Barbados, the PVH Group, and Consumer General Insurance handed over a selection of tablets and Chief Education Officer (Ag.), Joy Adamson  said that the Ministry was thankful for the donation at this time. 

“This morning we really want to recognise the Rotary Club of Barbados for their donation. To date they have donated 42 devices that we are now receiving. They have promised that they will continue to, as long as they get the devices, continue to supply us with devices so that we can be able to distribute them. We are also grateful to the CGI company and the PVH Group who would have donated 50 devices,” she stated.

With the selection made including Kindle Fires, Alcatel tablets and Logic tablets, Adamson explained that the latter type was necessary for those without access to internet and thanked Digicel Barbados for the role they played in facilitating the needs of those persons. 


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