Suriname: Authorities stop politically motivated broadcasts

On behalf of the authorities, several election-related broadcasts or propaganda spots of political parties were stopped on Sunday. For example, presenter Sammy Doerga was asked to stop in the middle of the broadcast of his program ‘Door de bank’. The same happened in the evenings during the presentation of ‘To the Point’ on Apintie Television.

Commissioned by Minister Vijay Chotkan, the extra broadcast of the current affairs program ‘To the Point’ was stopped on Sunday evening. Guests were Idos director John Krishnadath, political scientists Hans Breeveld and Glenn Truideman and VES chairman Winston Ramautarsing. About fifteen minutes after the start, the program was abruptly interrupted and the text ‘Commissioned by Minister Chotkan of OWT & C, this program is stopped’ on the screen.

It is heard that several NDP members were displeased with the subject of the broadcast. Under the law, political parties are no longer allowed to campaign or advertise via the media the day before elections. A Interior Ministry announcement stated that “From Saturday May 23, 2020 at 12:00 pm to Tuesday, May 26, 2020, at 12:00 pm, it is prohibited to conduct political propaganda through the media and public gatherings” .

It is striking that in 2015 the broadcast of ‘To the Point’, which was also broadcast the day before the election, was not stopped by the authorities. An Idos opinion poll was also included in that program. However, it benefited the NDP, as it was predicted that the ruling party would gain 27 seats. “What was discussed tonight in ‘To the Point’ cannot be qualified as political propaganda,” a lawyer asked De Ware Tijd when asked .

Telgt is sorry that the broadcast has stopped. “As a presenter I am broken. There was good preparation, because with such a subject you do not sit at the table as an empty head. I first did research and dove into the archives. It is annoying to get a call that the broadcasting has to be stopped.  Dan yu e firi leki wan sma dede . This had nothing to do with influencing voters , “Telgt describes the damper he received.


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