Jamaica: 250 Ship Crew Arrive Today – Carnival Glory With Homesick Jamaicans Aboard To Dock In Falmouth

Another cruise ship with hundreds of Jamaican crew members aboard is due to dock in Falmouth Monday afternoon.

Their return is part of the Government’s stated objective to bring home all nationals stranded at sea before the tentative date of May 31.

Thousands of Jamaican ship workers have been unable to return home since the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a ban on inbound travellers here two months ago. Just under 1,400 nationals have returned under the controlled re-entry programme.

Gleaner source who has been at sea since March 12 and who is among the estimated 250 nationals on board the Carnival Glory said that the vessel’s operators confirmed their destination after they sailed for Mexico and Belize last week.

“Finally, it seems we will be coming home after all. I am feeling a little relieved, but I won’t get my hopes up again until we are actually docked and disembarked,” said the crew member, who requested that her name not be published out of fear of sanction from her employers.

“Remember that last week, we sailed so close to home but could not dock. Others here admitted, also, that they were excited about heading home, where they have not seen family members for such a long time away,” she added.

Another Jamaican crew member, who also did not want to be named, said he has resigned himself to the mandatory 14-day quarantine, stating that he would rather “face isolation on home soil than on a ship sailing across the seas” for one more night.

Carnival Glory, which was located approximately 233 nautical miles southeast of Kingston at the time of writing, is scheduled to dock in the capital for refuelling before travelling on to Falmouth, where Adventure of the Seas is currently docked with Jamaicans.


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