Haiti: 958 confirmed cases and 3,115 suspected cases

The Ministry of Public Health informs that 93 new cases have been confirmed, for a total of 958 in Haiti (39% women and 61% men) since the first case (March 19, 2020)

The number of active cases (minus deaths and cures) now stands at 909 (+ 11.26%) +92 cases in 24 hours (the day before: +52 )

1 new death was recorded bringing the total to 27.

Number of suspected cases followed : 3,115 (+ 2.5%) +397 cases (the day before: +136).

People hospitalized : 294 people (+ 2.13%) +5 in 24 hours (the day before : +6).
Home quarantine : 955 people +255 in 24 hours (the day before : -471).


3 police officers kidnapped
Late Saturday morning, armed individuals kidnapped three police officers in the Tokyo area, near the Pont Rouge (Port-au-Prince). These 3 police officers, whose identity has not been revealed, are assigned to the Central Judicial Police Directorate and have returned from the funeral of a loved one. Following negotiations with their captors, they were finally able to regain their freedom and recover their service weapons and the vehicle in which they were.

Distribution of medical materials and equipment
The National Distribution of medical materials and equipment ordered in China by the Haitian State has started. 4 departments received their batches of equipment on Saturday: Sud, Nippes, Sud-est and Grand’Anse.

Curfew and arrests
Saturday, before letting go of residents, several units of the PNH under the coordination of the Minister of the Interior, assisted by the Prosecutor’s Office of Port-au-Prince patrolled neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince and their surroundings to call the citizens respecting the curfew. Several arrests have taken place.

Dieu-Nalio finalist in the Pultizer News Photo Award
Three Associated Press photographers received the American Pultizer 2020 Prize (Dar Yasin, Mukhtar Khan and Channi Anand for their reportage in India in 2019) and the Haitian photojournalist Dieu-Nalio Chery with his colleague Rebecca Blackwell from the Associated Press came out Pulitzer finalist for the news photography award.

Masked religion
A delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Directorate of Cults went to the Far North to encourage the religious authorities to maintain the mobilization measures against the Covid-19. Boxes of mufflers were given to the religious to be distributed to the population.

Fauna and flora can respond to problems…
Different plant species have been listed in the Citadelle Sans-Souci, Ramiers National Historic Park (PNH-CSSR). These plants can respond to health, nutrition and environmental resilience problems. See also :


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