Simon Alleyne, the Second Vice President of the Democratic Labour
Party, has called on the private sector to offer incentives and sales
to encourage public spending.

The political hopeful for St. Philip North was speaking during a
recent presentation of 20 hampers in the Eastbourne, St. Philip

He pointed out that stimulating Barbadians to spend money again is important.

“I do believe that our private sector can, if they are able to, offer
a number of benefits and sales. It would really stimulate people to
get back out and actually buy things. If we have things on sale,
things coming out of COVID, you would find that a lot more persons
would be more willing to buy and endorse the products of the private
sector,” said Alleyne.

Addressing the current administration, Alleyne commended them for the initial response to COVID-19, with the understanding that hard
decisions had to be made for the safety of all. However, with the
health and economic recovery the main focus now, he stated that the
top concern of most Barbadians is returning to work in safe

“It is ok for us to be at home and doing social distancing and keeping
ourselves safe, but we do know that the reality is that we have to get
back out in our communities and we have to get back out to work so
that we can support ourselves.”


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