To relieve pressure on available currencies, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism (HI&T) has introduced a batch of pharmaceuticals and medical consumables. The purchase was made on the basis of a collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), which financed the purchase through its financial work arm, ITFC. This is reported by the Company Medicines Supply Suriname (BGVS).

With the import of the medicines, the scarcity that has been occurring for some time has not yet been remedied. “The need is much greater,” says BGVS director Ryan de Gama to questions from the Ware Tijd . The purchases will be divided into tranches, the first of $ 1.3 million of which arrived in Suriname in the first week of May.

The medicines that are purchased are stored by the BGRS and distributed to all hospitals, private pharmacies and other government health institutions. Every effort is currently being made to bring in the next tranche of approximately USD 1.1 million quickly.

The medical staff of the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP) and that of the Diakonessenhuis separately sketched a very gloomy picture of the supply of medicines in their respective institutions on Thursday. It also appears that there is a serious shortage of certain equipment, that qualified nurses and medical personnel are leaving and that the payment by the government for services provided still leaves much to be desired. The Diakonessenhuis reports payment arrears of several million Surinamese guilders.


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