Suriname: AZP bed house completely renovated

The Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP) has a completely new bed house. This has replaced the previously almost dilapidated part of the hospital. Director Claudia Marica-Redan speaks of a big step forward and says the improvement benefits both staff and clients. “After thirty years, the hospital is undergoing a complete transformation.”

The staff is even more motivated to work, but she also praises the clients and visitors. The project started in mid-August 2018. The eighteen-month period allocated to this project had to be extended by two months. This year, a new operation complex and the construction of a high-intensity care unit will be completed. The eye hospital will also be improved.

Jennifer Geerlings-Simons, president of the National Assembly, calls a high-quality and good hospital very important. Prevention is a priority for her, but there can always be an accident or someone can get sick. In that case, a hospital with qualitative care is necessary, even when the end of life is near. According to her, the AZP is well on the way. She emphasized that this hospital has the potential not only to provide care for and to Surinamese.

President Bouterse: “We as a government have shown that healthcare is a priority. We are therefore continuing with this investment, so that Suriname – throughout the country – can have quality care close to home.” He says that the government also pays attention to prevention and calls this a challenge that is not avoided. Neither the head of state nor the President of Parliament has said anything about the long-standing problems of hospitals, which – partly due to government policy – can hardly keep their heads above water.


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