Global COVID-19 Infections Near 5 Million As Brazil Confirms Record Daily Jump Of 17k: Live Update


  • Russia outbreak tops 300k cases
  • Brazil reports 17k+ cases in latest record jump
  • Global COVID-19 case total nears 5 million
  • Rolls Royce cuts 9,000 jobs, largest layoffs in 30+ years
  • Afghanistan passes 8k cases
  • UN claims Africa largely ‘spared’ by coronavirus
  • Germany’s largest state reopens polls
  • German government bars foreign takeovers of German health-care firms
  • Spain makes mask wearing in enclosed spaces “compulsory”
  • UK still working out quarantine guidelines for travelers
  • Head of Japan’s virus advisory committee says 2nd wave possible before winter

* * *

For much of the last week, our coverage of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has focused on two countries that have rapidly climbed the international rankings over the last 10 days, landing them in the top 5 worst-hit nations. They are: Russia and Brazil. After reporting ~15k cases for three straight days, Brazilian public health officials on Wednesday morning reported a staggering 17,408 new cases (case numbers are typically reported with a 24-hour delay, and don’t always reflect the true number of infections). The country has reported just below 300k cases, though some suspect the true number of infections might be as much as 4x the official number. The country has confirmed ~17,000 deaths as well.

Brazil’s outbreak has been exacerbated by President Jair Bolsonaro’s insistence that the virus is just “a little flu”, and that the only sensible approach is to simply let the disease run its course, Bolsonaro has said. Over the past 6 weeks, the Brazilian government has seen 2 health ministers resign. Meanwhile, across the country, businesses continue to reopen even as health-care systems in more-remote Amazonian states have been completely overwhelmed. Its Neighbors have closed their borders, fearing Brazilians might carry the illness across the border.


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