Dominican Republic: Municipal polls and electoral results: the case of Santo Domingo Este

Manuel Jiménez, as a possible candidate for mayor of Santo Domingo Este, never had problems, either within the PRM, which greatly outshone the other internal candidates, or when measured out against possible candidates for the PLD.
Thus, in times as early as March 2019, it obtained 33.2% against 27.2% of Cañero; 7.2% for Karen, 6.3% for Francis Gas and 4.3% for Luis Alberto.

The PLD’s bet was that when the ballot was unified and it was only one candidate, the sum of all would surpass Manuel Jiménez.

And they seemed to be right because in the measurement of November 10 Manuel Jiménez obtained 47.2% and Luis Alberto received 40.4% and here the myth was reactivated: the campaign has not warmed up, at the time that the government messes with all his forces and Luis Alberto start “that he has all the resources in the world”, there is no one: they keep Santo Domingo Este on that side.

The first survey of 2020, on January 20, there was a jump of the kangaroo in the candidacy of Manuel Jiménez and a colossal stumble in the candidacy of Luis Alberto.

In effect, Manuel rose to 56.1% and Luis Alberto fell to 27.8%. Other candidates had achieved 5.1%. Obviously the reaction was of doubts, doubts that provoked phrases like this: “Manuel, with an advantage of 27 points over Luis Alberto ?, or what San Aguilera tells me.”

February arrived and on the 13th, 3 days after the elections, Manuel had consolidated his position according to the Economic Center measurement of that day: Manuel obtained 57.5% against 28.3% of Luis Alberto. Other candidates obtained 8.5%.

And the truth is that these data were strange because Luis Alberto was a person with charisma, he liked him, he was pleasant, hard-working and had enough resources to do everything that should be done in a campaign … but it was not done.


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