Bahamas Repatriation# Returnees Must Pay For Flight

SANDRA Moss is angry that her son, a college student in Arkansas, has to pay Bahamasair to return to the country this week even though residents who were repatriated here during the first exercise flew on the airline free of charge.

#“This is not fair,’ she said yesterday. “Don’t start something that you can’t finish. They made it seem like they’re going to bring y’all home, that you should make the arrangements and we’ll bring you. They just ain making no sense.”

#Bahamasair has flights scheduled to leave from Fort Lauderdale on Thursday and Saturday, with one flight going directly to New Providence and the other stopping first in Grand Bahama to disembark some passengers before heading to New Providence with the remaining passengers. The cost of fare is $150, though customers can use an existing ticket if they have one.

#Tommy Turnquest, chairman of Bahamasair, confirmed yesterday that the “government paid for everyone to come home” during the first pair of repatriation exercises earlier this month.

#Most of the 183 people who returned to the country at the time had already been in Florida but Ms Moss’ son is among residents who have to take connecting flights to get to Fort Lauderdale, increasing his expenses. The government covered the cost of tests for returnees connected to the first two flights but it is not clear if that benefit will be provided again.


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