Guyana: ‘I am confident’ …President Granger not expecting a landslide victory but confident

While there has been unwarranted interference in the Guyana’s elections process from various groups, President David Granger is confident that Guyana will soon conclude its elections process to the satisfactory international standards.

The President said too that while he is confident in his party’s ability to win the elections, he does not expect a landslide victory based on Guyana’s complex social structure. Even so, he said that his government will continue to pursue a form of government that is inclusionary.

He said that his government wants to have mature discussions with the Opposition, which represents a large portion of the Guyanese society, to deliberate on a way forward in the interest of all. “Let’s not bother with landslide. The parties are near equal,” the President said. “By formula — as has been laid out by my colleague Rupert Roopnaraine — people who win 51 per cent of the vote must not behave as if they won 100 per cent of the vote and people who only got 49 per cent of the vote must not be treated as if they got no per cent of the votes and, I live by that. I would like to see an inclusionary form of government

Appearing on the Mark Benschop Radio 107.1 FM on Monday evening, President Granger spoke to the many cases in which the country’s previously smooth electoral process was negatively impacted. Very topical during his discussions with the host, was the involvement of the diplomatic community from March 2, 2020 to times present and specific acts of the main Opposition which led to unwarranted disruptions.


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