Barbados: PM MOTTLEY CALLS FOR FAIRNESS-with respect to accessing goods, funding and COVID-19 supplies

PRIME Minister of Barbados and Chairman of CARICOM, The Honourable Mia Amor Mottley has once again made a case for greater equity as it relates to regional access to funding, supplies and other goods.

She was at the time addressing the 73rd session of the World Health Assembly which began in Geneva yesterday where she called on global leaders to change the criteria which at present is causing vulnerable countries to fall through the cracks.

Prime Minister Mottley during a 15 minute address, pointed out that many of the challenges and vulnerabilities facing the region are not captured by the country’s per capita income or infant mortality rates.

“Even when our circumstances deteriorate, there has been no review that takes into account the inherent vulnerability to which we are exposed and which prevents us from being able to access critical money or goods. In addition, the use of certain proxy criteria to access technologies, medicines, vaccines or concessional funds and grants, would exclude vulnerable countries such as ours in the Caribbean, some in Latin America and even in the Pacific.”

Prime Minister Mottley explained that this happens when criteria is used that are more relevant to fighting problems that have little or no relevance to our current vulnerabilities and challenges facing the region.

In addition, the CARICOM chair said where there is a global market failure as is happening now, small middle income states are at risk of not being seen or heard or not even accessing critical goods and supplies.


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