Bahamas: PLP Criticises Minnis For Island Selection

MEMBERS of the Progressive Liberal Party chastised Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis for not allowing Exuma, Eleuthera and San Salvador to resume normal commercial activity like many other Family Islands without COVID-19 cases.

#Singling out Eleuthera in particular yesterday, Dr Minnis reprimanded some residents there who took part in a recent motorcade.

#In response, PLP leader Philip “Brave” Davis accused Dr Minnis of attacking “a small group of young people in South Eleuthera who drove in a motorcade in memory of their fallen friend.”

#He also claimed that an FNM general and other representatives attended a funeral at a church in Eleuthera “with dozens of mourners reportedly without the necessary social distancing,” and questioned why Dr Minnis did not reference this. Mr Davis said the data is clear adding “there are no COVID-19 cases on Eleuthera, and none on Exuma or San Salvador with none suspected, and yet normal business cannot return. In contrast, close contact industries like construction are allowed to reopen. What is the scientific evidence that has driven him to that conclusion?”

#Meanwhile, Exuma and Ragged Island MP Chester Cooper said residents of Exuma are “deeply disappointed” in Dr Minnis’ national address. He also accused Dr Minnis of acting like “a dictator” who does not have to explain “nonsensical decisions” to the public.

#Mr Cooper said: “The people of Exuma are deeply disappointed in the prime minister’s national address today (Sunday). There was no legitimate reason given for why Exuma cannot resume commercial activity while other Family Islands in the same circumstance are allowed to do so. The prime minister appears to be using the emergency powers granted to him to lord over the Bahamas as a dictator without having to explain the nonsensical decisions he is making to the people whom he serves. This puppeteering is unacceptable.”


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