Trinidad: Small business sector in grim battle to survive

“WHEN?” and “how bad?” seem to be two common questions being asked by both local and international health professionals with respect to covid19’s widely anticipated second and third waves, among the world’s worst hit countries, as well as TT, which has not changed its profile over several weeks.

The answer to these vague questions would help professionals, who interact closely with their clients, better prepare for what’s to come.

“I’m thinking about selling my business,” says Jeanine Lee Kim, a therapist and owner of a spa named Strawberry Laser Lipo TT, located in Couva, which specialises in liposuction.

“But even then, who do I sell it to?”

She envisions a grim future as business came to an abrupt halt two months ago due to the government-imposed restrictions on non-essential businesses.

Like many small business owners, Lee Kim cannot pay employees who aren’t working and paying rent is practically impossible. She and countless other professionals are at the mercy, not only of the restrictions, but of their landlords, as well.


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