Jamaica: High Seas Stand-Off – Gov’t Hints At Accommodating Ship Workers But Offers No Timeline On Decision

Despite the Jamaican Government’s insistence that it has not granted approval for a Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL) ship with 1,044 Jamaican crew to dock in Falmouth today, there are indications that the administration might allow the returnees to disembark after quarantine and other logistical arrangements are confirmed later this week.

But the cruise ship might remain in limbo at sea as the Government has not given a hard timeline for disembarkation, as negotiations are still under way.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has emphasised that the Port Authority of Jamaica had informed him that no approvals have been given for any ships to be docked.

Yesterday, both the People’s National Party and Jennifer Housen, an attorney who says she is representing more than 50 Jamaicans on board, insisted that the Royal Caribbean cruise liner Adventure of the Seas was sailing towards Jamaica.

However, sources close to Jamaica House indicate that Royal Caribbean, whose business has been capsized under the weight of a fallout in global travel linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, appeared to be seeking to twist the Government’s arm.

“If it is true that the ship intends to sail into Jamaican waters without formal approval or even courtesy of notice, while discussions are still ongoing, then this would represent a serious departure from good maritime practices, a serious breach of good faith, and the cooperative nature of the dialogue we have been having on this matter,” Holness said in a statement late last night.


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