Dominican Republic: These are the dates of the four phases of de-escalation of the Covid-19 crisis

The economic and social reopening in its entirety in the Dominican Republic will take place, as other countries have announced, in stages to avoid further spread of the coronavirus pandemic and “coexist with COVID-19 safely”.

In his speech, President Medina indicated that each step taken by the State will strictly depend on the behavior shown by citizens between one phase and another.  

“That is, if phase 1 is not met responsibly, we will not be able to go to phase 2,” he said.

Similarly, he indicated that between one phase and the next there will never be less than 14 days, enough time to observe the development of the previous phase and its impact on the health crisis.

According to this scheme, the first phase will start on Wednesday the 20th of this month, where micro and small companies will work with 50 percent of their staff.

While medium and large companies will start work with 25 percent of their employees.

This reopening includes physical distancing, avoiding crowds, mandatory use of face masks, both at work, on the streets or in public places, and hand washing.

The second phase will start on June 1 and at this stage the private collective transport units will be activated, “according to how the situation is evolving.”

According to the State’s predictions, phase 3 should start on June 17 and the fourth on July 01, where in the next few hours the High Level Commission will explain in detail the content of the four phases of the de-escalation.

The last phase, if the forecasts are fulfilled, will end four days before the presidential and congressional elections, which, according to Medina’s words, will have the full support of the Government so that they are held on July 5.


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