Suriname: Hackers shut down the AZP network

The digital network of the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP) was hacked on Wednesday, causing the entire system to shut down. Director Claudia Marica-Redan confirms this to de Ware Tijd, but does not want to provide any further information. She does emphasize that it is a serious matter.

The newspaper has heard from a reliable source that the hackers demand ‘ransom’ from the AZP, but the amount is not known to the source. The director does not want to say anything about this either. How long it will take Marica-Redan does not know. “The system is completely down. We are working hard to resolve the problem.”

Soenita Nannan Panday-Gopisingh, medical director of the Lands Hospitaal, says her hospital is alert. The AZP was informed of the incident on Thursday. The hack at the AZP has no influence on the cooperation. The two hospitals do not share patient information.

‘s Lands Hospitaal tries to secure its digital system as well as possible. Previously, part of the network failed in this hospital. “There was a major outage at the pharmacy. But imagine if the entire system goes down. It is very annoying and could have serious consequences. We have had warnings from our IT department again.”


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