Dominican Republic: Cibao Economic Center survey gives Abinader pointer

The latest survey carried out by the Cibao Economic Center, carried out on the 11th and 12th of this month, reflects that for the elections of next July 5 the presidential candidate of the Dominican Revolutionary Party, Luis Abinader, has an intention to vote, effective vote , 53.9, followed by Gonzalo Castillo, from the Dominican Liberation Party with 35.2%, Leonel Fernández, Fuerza del Pueblo with 9.5% and Guillermo Moreno, Alianza País 1.4%.

A note indicates that the interviewees were also asked that regardless of their sympathy, who do they think will win the elections, responding as follows: 52.7% answered that Luis Abinader will win, 28.4% said that the winner will be Gonzalo Castillo, 6.2% answered that Leonel will win, 0.4% said Guillermo Moreno will win, and 12.4% said they did not know. He explains that the survey was applied from Monday the 11th to Tuesday the 12th of this month of May with 2000 telephone interviews with people over 18 years of age residing throughout the national territory, with a confidence level of 95%.

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