How Cuba Can Rise from the Ashes Post COVID-19?

The urgency of a country on the brink of starvation could condition changes, which the Cuban government has refused up until now. Holding onto this hope, four economists have agreed to answer a question from Havana Times.

All of the proposals are tipped towards granting greater freedom to producers, solving the toxic centralization role of the bureaucratic State – whose ideological straight-jacket of the economy keeps the country in a state of chronic parasitism-, getting by on exports, direct (medical professionals) or indirect (exile community), using different forms of blackmail, and the labor of its citizens.

Havana Times would like to thank the interviewees for their time, considering the current situation and urgency of the matter:

Faced with the worse possible scenario as a starting point, what needs to change for Cuba to make progress?

Omar Everleny Villanueva: (Professor and Researcher. Department of Cuban Economics at Havana University. Author of several books, the latest being The Cuban Economy in a New Era: An Agenda for Change towards Durable Development. Signed in 2018, alongside Lorena Barberia).

Cuba has been going through some tough and complicated times, the result of a combination of external and internal factors, where a harsher US blockade enforced by the current administration stands out among the external, and a lack of foreign currency stands out among the internal, which is the result of setbacks in Cuban exports of goods, as well as services, and ever excessive centralization which affects the entire business climate, along with sharp macroeconomic imbalances.


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