Dominican Republic: Detailed plan for sanitary cord

Establishing an epidemiological fence that covers the search, detection and control of Covid-19 cases is one of the actions included in the intervention that will be carried out starting this Thursday in Greater Santo Domingo, according to the Contingency Plan prepared by the Emergency Operations Center (COE), an organization that was activated for such purposes.

The plan, to which Listin Diario had access, establishes within the measures to be executed, which will cover at least 45 sectors, the transfer of suspected and confirmed cases to isolation centers in a timely manner and carry out a mapping of cases to identify municipalities or neighborhoods with the highest transmission activity to establish access and exit control measures. It includes as support to the Ministry of Health the agile and coordinated deployment of military and civilian units, within the framework of joint operations, with the aim of mitigating the incidence of Covid-19 in Greater Santo Domingo where, according to the latest epidemiological report, It concentrates 50% of the confirmed cases of the virus in the country, which to date has accumulated 10,900 cases and 402 deaths.

In addition, it is established that the strategies of notification of confirmed and suspicious cases, epidemiological follow-up, taking and sending of samples, assisted transport of cases, classification and isolation, containment of sources of contamination, provision of support must be observed. psychosocial and risk communication.


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