Barbados needs to pay greater attention to investing in digitising various government agencies so that they can adequately support local entrepreneurs in a digital economy.

That’s the view of Tara Frater, Principal and Founder of FT Legal.

She made the comments during a recent webinar hosted by the Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business, on the topic of ‘Digital Economy – Strategies for Pivoting Businesses’. She spoke to this while reflecting on the help needed for Caribbean entrepreneurs to successfully navigate the digital economy.

“In order for our entrepreneurs to successfully transition to the digital economy in the Caribbean, there has to be that supporting infrastructure and framework by the government and government agencies that provide essential support services,” she stated.

She continued, “So to that extent, if you have to have a company setup, you need to interface with the companies’ registry. We need to look at the extent to which our existing framework for the delivery of services in our government agencies are optimised to service the digital economy. And there is, to my mind, frankly, a significant opportunity for growth in that area because we are not where we need to be in order to support our entrepreneurs adequately”.


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