Trinidad: UNC-Cambridge Analytica scandal a PNM distraction

The UNC described the Cambridge Analytica probe, which was declared closed by investigators on Wednesday, as a distraction.

In a statement, the UNC hoped that now the investigation is closed the government would “get down to the serious business of the people’s work.”

“The UNC thanks the TTPS for bringing a quick end to the Cambridge Analytica fairy-tale, foisted on our population by senior members of the Keith Rowley administration. Like Emailgate, the PNM has now lost another of their key propaganda tools in their general election arsenal.

“The UNC is committed to a campaign based on our policies, and our National Economic Transformation Master plan, which aims to create more than 50,000 new jobs by 2025. We hope that the decisive end to this Cambridge Analytica saga by the TTPS would finally force the PNM to campaign on substance and policy, and not create some new fantasy to distract the population from their lack of achievements.”

Senator Anita Haynes told Newsday in a WhatsApp conversation the UNC was committed to a campaign on policy and giving detailed elements of their plans to govern.

“We have rolled out key elements of our governance agenda, we note in particular plans for job creation and to reduce the crime rate have already been made public…while the PNM continues to resort to distractions like Cambridge Analytica.”


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