Guyana: Region One RO fails to submit poll books

THE absence of the poll books from the records for District One has stalled the verification process of the recount of the votes cast in that region at the March 2, 2020 regional and general elections.

Initial reports were that the books were in the possession of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Returning Officer for Region One, Trevor Harris. But Harris has claimed that he left the books in the GECOM office at Mabaruma and that he was no longer on the job.

The book details the voting process, the number of used and spoilt ballots, signatures of counting and polling agents as well as those of the presiding officer, ballot clerks among other polling staff. The book also details the time process recorded throughout elections day at the polling station. It also includes details on affidavits of identity of persons accompanying a voter to the polling station to assist him/her in the voting process.

Harris’ phone went to voice mail when attempts were made by the Guyana Chronicle to contact him. He however, told another section of the media, earlier on Wednesday, that he is no longer on the job and declined to say when he parted with the commission. The official noted that the books in question are at GECOM’s Mabaruma office, and, on Wednesday, the commission was making arrangements to retrieve the documents from the North West District region.


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