THE island’s motorists are collectively breathing a sigh of relief after a significant drop in the prices of petroleum products at the top of this month. However, there are mixed views among locals as prices continue to fluctuate on the volatile international market.

With the price of crude oil hitting an all-time low in recent weeks, there was speculation and questions from members of the public whether or not those developments would be reflected locally. The prayers of many were answered when it was announced that from May 3, there would be a reduction in the prices. Gasolene saw a reduction of 48 cents as it went from $3.57 per litre to $3.09. Diesel went down to $2.52 from $2.89, while Kerosene went into double-digits – 73 cents from $1.01.

Speaking to several members of the public about the ease in prices, all were grateful for the drop while some still had questions. One person stated that he was thankful for the drop and expected them to go down even more.

“I appreciate them, however, they are not still where I would expect them to be based on the international market. However, I understand that we buy gas in advance and therefore we won’t get the world market pricing immediately, but it should be reflected soon enough,” he said.


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