Trinidad: Living Water head: Lines for food are mostly Trinis

Director and founder of the Living Water Community (LWC) Rhonda Maingot has responded to remarks by Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat that people lining up for food hampers were mostly Venezuelans

Maingot says almost all of the people in line at LWC were Trinidadians.

Rambharat made the remarks in response to Opposition Senator Wade Mark during a Senate sitting last Thursday.

Speaking with Newsday on Monday Maingot said, “We don’t have Venezuelans in the line outside the centre, this line is for Trinis.

“There may be one or two (migrants) but the consistency of the line has been almost entirely Trinidadians. It has been all the time and will continue to be.”

Contacted for comment, Rambharat said he only referred to “Venezuelans” outside the LWC as an example to make a point.

“I was making the point that Living Water assists Venezuelans because they cannot access social services in TT. They would therefore be given priority, and Living Water does not have a bottomless pit. Resources would run out, he said.


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