Mysterious Coronavirus-Linked Syndrome Spreads From London To New York

An unusually deadly coronavirus-linked respiratory syndrome initially observed among a cluster of children in the UK has apparently popped up in New York City, according to local media reports.

ABC 7 says a group of 15 children in NYC have been hospitalized with unusual symptoms similar to – get this – toxic shock syndrome, or Kawasaki Disease. The symptoms include inflammation of the blood vessels, including coronary arteries. While there have been reports of COVID-19 causing heart attacks in some patients with certain preexisting conditions, this level of damage seems unusually severe. COVID-19 is also not usually very aggressive in young children. Other symptoms include fever, rash, abdominal pain and vomiting.

However, not all of the 15 patients tested positive for the coronavirus. Only 4 tested positive outright, while 6 tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, meaning they had likely been previously infected.

On Long Island, Cohen’s Children Hospital has confirmed 25 kids have been hospitalized with Kawasaki-like symptoms; 11 of them are in the ICU. The county health commissioner in Nassau described their condition as “concerning.”


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