Dominican Republic: They expand the sanitary cord in Puerto Plata by Covid-19

The Minister of the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo, reported that the implementation of a sanitary cord that is being implemented in the province of Puerto Plata, for a period of 7 reviewable days, has been renewed for another week.

“After the week of quarantine imposed in this city has been decided to renew it for an additional week, therefore all the measures already in place to prevent the growth of infections will remain in force until next Monday, May 11 at six o’clock in the tomorrow ”, said the minister.

The measures that have been adopted in that province range from limiting the movements, transfers, transit and circulation of people, after the pilgrim Mildonio Adames, gathered hundreds of people who accompanied him to deposit a wooden cross in the sea, to rid the country of the coronavirus.

According to bulletin 47, at least 58 coronavirus infections have been confirmed in Puerto Plata after the walk with the pilgrim.

State of emergency

The Council of Councilors declared this municipality, San Felipe de Puerto Plata, a State of Emergency due to the health threat of the Coronavirus, thus accepting a request from Mayor Roquelito García.

The motion known as the sole topic in the extraordinary session held this Monday, includes modifying the budget of the council to allocate resources to preventive work of the said viral disease, received the favorable vote of ten councilors and three abstentions, after several presentations.


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