Boris Johnson Will Unveil Plan For Ending UK Lockdown On Sunday: Live Updates

  • Boris Johnson to unveil plan to end UK lockdown on Sunday
  • Scotland says 60% of recent COVID-19 deaths linked to nursing homes
  • China reports 0 new cases
  • Brussels warns of massive contractions, virus threatens euro
  • Russia reports 10k+ cases for 4th day in a row
  • Volkswagen reports China sales may near pre-corona targets for 2020
  • NYC subway closes for cleaning for first time in 50+ years Wednesday
  • Beijing slams HK activists as “political viruses”
  • Germany reports slight uptick in new cases, deaths

*       *        *

Update (0800ET): UK PM Boris Johnson has announced that he will unveil his plan to guide the UK out of lockdown on Sunday, with the first changes to the strict stay-at-home measures coming as soon as Monday, the FT reports.

In his first bout with Keir Starmer, the leader of the opposition Labour party, the prime minister confirmed reports that he will deliver a TV address to the nation setting out how the shutdown will be eased. The prime minister said that the government was waiting as long as possible before making the announcement to ensure it had as much data as possible.

Meanwhile, new data from the NHS found that nearly 60% of Scotland’s COVID-19 deaths were linked to nursing homes and other aanaged care facilities.


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