Bahamas: D’Aguilar Likely To Let Carnival Dock Here

THE Bahamas will likely say “yes” to Carnival Cruise Lines stopping at its ports if sailing resumes on August 1 as planned, Minister of Tourism and Aviation Dionisio D’Aguilar said yesterday.

#Carnival Cruise Line announced plans yesterday to resume sailing in three months. These plans come despite the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention saying that cruise ship travel exacerbates the global spread of COVID-19.

#“Right now I would say yes,” Mr D’Aguilar said when asked if The Bahamas would allow the cruise ships to dock here. “We don’t know what would happen in Florida in three months. We don’t know what will happen in The Bahamas in three months. We have to play it by ear and as we get closer to the intended date, we will make that call.”

#Mr D’Aguilar said while no one can predict what will happen in the future, it is good to set a target date and work towards it.

#“We would have to look at conditions on the ground here and also to see where these people would be coming from to see whether it’s a go,” Mr D’Aguilar explained. “We will evaluate that closer to the time, but right now, right here, I would say yes.

#“There are two concerns that The Bahamas will have as it relates to foreign visitors returning to the country. The first concern is that foreigners that come here, don’t make us sick. The second concern is that we don’t make the foreign visitors that come here sick. We are working on the proper protocols to prevent all of this.”


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