Armando Chaguaceda on Trends and Possibilities for Cuba

Armando Chaguaceda is a political scientist and historian with a long career studying civil societies under authoritarian control in Latin America and Russia.

This is the second interview that I have done regarding different strokes within the Cuban opposition. I had held off from using the term “opposition”, but the persistence of certain groups with proposals for a Cuba which has space for every Cuba, like Ramon Garcia Guerra proposes, may be the closest way to understand its existence.

SARS-CoV-2 has sent me a very clear message, Humans must rethink their relationship with their surroundings. People are talking about the danger Western democracies are facing.

In Cuba, do you believe this new panorama will allow for a dialogue with the government, or will the government take advantage of this situation to take up its authoritarianism a notch?


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