Trinidad: Moonilal digs in over Paria Fuel Trading

Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal accused Energy Minister Franklin Khan of a pathetic “cop out” in claiming the Government is not responsible if fuel leaves for Aruba and ends up in Venezuela.

In a statement on Monday he asked if Khan would say likewise if fuel from Trinidad ended up in a terrorist camp or in the hands of drug traffickers?

Alleging Paria Trading had failed to do due diligence in this case, Moonilal said chairman Newman George must go, also recalling last year’s failed $500 million housing contract between the HDC under George and China Gezhouba Group.

He said Rowley must account.

“Did the Venezuelan Vice President visit Trinidad to talk about covid19 or to make arrangement for urgently needed fuel for her desperate and embargoed country?” He asked if the Health Minister had participated in talks and why hadn’t this been done by Zoom.

“Did the Chairman of Paria, a day after the visit instruct by phone the management of Paria to execute an agreement with a Swiss firm to sell fuel? Why would a nation with 105,000 people want to purchase 23 million litres of gasoline? Did Paria ever sell fuel to Aruba before?”

Moonilal said it is time to follow the money and follow the fuel. Rejecting the Prime Minister’s claim he was wrecking TT’s reputation, he said the UNC was repairing links between TT and USA. He hit ministers who criticised the poor who seek food hampers.


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