Haitian Government Requires People To Wear Masks In Public

Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe, said that wearing a mask to protect against the new Coronavirus is mandatory in public places across the country. 

“The Government of the Republic Government of the Republic requires all citizens to wear a mask in public places, from Monday, May 11, 2020, until further notice,” said the head of government, in a statement issued on Saturday.

This measure, he says, aims to combat the spread of COVID-19 particularly concerns: Employees in their workplaces; truck, bus, taxi, motorcycle drivers; public transport passengers (road, air, sea); the citizens circulating in the streets, in public places, in markets, or any other public place; Anyone who visits hospitals, stores, banks, and other public and private institutions.

Haiti – News

Jérémie : 2 Pastors arrested
Sunday in Jérémie, denounced by the population, two pastors were arrested (Joseph Bertony Brunache of the Church of God in Bordes and Carl Sunday of the Church of living God), for violation of health measures of the state of Emergency. At the time of their arrest, the churches of these pastors were full of worshipers while the Government prohibited any gathering of more than 10 people.

Fire on Boulevard Harry Truman
On Sunday afternoon, the premises of the Association of Driver Guides of Haiti, located on Boulevard Harry Truman, were destroyed by a violent fire, the origin of which remains unknown at the moment. The assessment is expected in the coming hours.

Covid-19 : Great acceleration of cases around mid-May ?
According to Doctor Junot Félix specialist in health system and professor at the University, speaking on the radio of the capital “When the virus begins to spread in tap taps and working-class neighborhoods, the cases of contamination will multiply at high speed” believing that this could happen around mid-May…

PNH : Results of the Nippes
Wisnel Décembre the spokesperson of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) in the department of Nippes took stock of the operations during the month of April, period during which 64 individuals were arrested including 32 in flagrante delicto, for various crimes including, but not limited to : assault and battery, criminal association, illegal possession of a firearm and theft.

Religion : Thousands of masks for the faithful
As part of the continuing mobilization of the religious sector against the Covid-19, Claude Joseph, the Minister of Worship, met Cardinal Chibly Langlois in Les Cayes and gave him thousands of masks for the Catholic faithful in the region.

In addition, he visited the Evangelical Baptist Mission of Southern Haiti (MEBSH) and met with its President, the reverent Alneve Emile, of the urgency to maintain the mobilization against Covid-19 through the churches and took the opportunity to give him a lot of mask for the protection of the faithful.

World Press Freedom Day
“On May 3, World Press Freedom Day, the Government takes this opportunity to acknowledge the intensive involvement of the media in raising awareness to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the country,” declared the Secretary of State for Communication, Eddy J. Alexis.

“Aware of the importance of the media for democracy, the Ministry of Culture and Communication through the Office of the Secretary of State for Communication, reaffirms the will of the Government to continue to guarantee freedom of the press and of expression while promoting the full development of the communication and media sector, so that they are even more dynamic and professional…” See also :

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