Guyana: Recount to begin Wednesday

SHOULD plans remain on track, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) will commence the long-awaited national recount process on Wednesday with an order, expected today, to solidify the process.

This was one of the main decisions coming out of an extremely heated meeting, at the Commission’s Cowan and High Streets office, on Sunday.

The meeting was particularly heated, as members of the media, from their position on the pavement, could hear loud screams emanating from the building, as the Commissioners engaged in a verbal battle on the issue of live streaming the recount. “Transparency! Transparency!” one Commissioner shouted while another argued that no one should “hide behind the law.”

Coming out of the meeting, a much more composed Commissioner, Sase Gunraj said: “We intend to gazette the Order tomorrow, after some very minor changes which we will do tomorrow morning, and we’re looking at a start date of the recount process to be Wednesday, May 6, 2020.”


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