Dominican Republic: Humareda removes family from quarantine and forces her to leave the capital

Since last March, when the first cases of Covid-19 were disclosed in the country, the family of Ingrid Lozano (assumed name) religiously complied with the restrictions on unnecessary circulation imposed by the government to avoid contagions by the virus. . 

Precisely on March 1, Ingrid was with her 13-year-old son in a clinic in the capital where he was hospitalized due to a severe flu aggravated by his asthma problems, a condition that she also has.

He says that on March 13 they began to carry a full forty in his apartment in the Serrallés widening area of ​​the capital, after stocking up on food and medicine, in addition to that day his daughter who was studying abroad returned to the country. 

Last Saturday they violated those restrictions on movement for the first time, but not because of the boredom caused by being locked up in the home, but by another enemy who invaded their house without asking for permission: The smoke caused by a fire in the Duquesa landfill, located in Santo domingo norte.


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