Tax evading companies must not have the support of government insists General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union Senator Toni Moore.

Speaking at the Worthing Corporate Centre during Monday’s debate on the Income Tax bill, the Independent Senator highlighted the situation the Covid-19 pandemic had placed the government in through having to support growing numbers of unemployed persons, several of whom worked for companies who refused to pay in NIS and income taxes.

“What is the reality for Barbados? Whether people paid taxes or did not pay taxes. Whether people paid NIS or did not pay NIS the Government of Barbados is still responsible for them. So the government now has to find ways out of very scarce revenues to account to self-employed people, people who employers deliberately refuse to take out taxes and NIS for them. Government now has to find ways to deal with these people,” she stressed.

Claiming that the Barbados Revenue Authority and the NIS were well aware of who these companies were, Moore therefore challenged the Barbadian government “not to support these companied that are evading their tax obligation.”

The senator insisted not done enough was being done to address such failures, noting that the current bill would not protect all working people.


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