Jamaica: Holness Revs Economy – Rolls Out Works ­Project From Dunrobin To Mandela

DETERMINED TO resuscitate an ailing economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has reaffirmed his intention to roll out a long-touted works scheme to boost business confidence and sop up sagging labour.

Addressing the House of Representatives yesterday evening, Holness announced that the Length Man programme will commence shortly to ease the economic shock that has sparked negative economic forecasts.

A precise date was not announced.

“The programme will utilise community labour and will commence with high-traffic corridors and interparish roadways,” Holness said.

A pilot project will be undertaken to give the Government wiggle room to identify weaknesses.

“The selected corridor will be the Dunrobin Avenue to Twickenham Park corridor, which will encompass Washington Boulevard, Dunrobin Avenue, and the entire length of the Mandela Highway project,” Holness announced.

Holness said the pilot will span approximately seven constituencies – St Andrew North West, St Andrew North East, St Andrew Eastern, St Andrew West Central and “one or two constituencies in St Catherine”.

Holness is the member of parliament for St Andrew West Central.

“We will be in touch with the members of parliament for the selection of the workers,” Holness said, before stressing that Length Man was not just a “bushing programme”.


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