Trinidad: Chinese community fears becoming crime targets

The Chinese community is fearful that the stay-at-home extension could put their lives and businesses at risk. The concern was raised by PRO of the China/TT Chamber of Commerce Johnny Chow who said, while they are grateful for the government’s measures in the fight against the spread of covid19, there are other safety measures that must be taken into consideration.

Chow told Newsday in a telephone interview that the Chinese community has complied with the restrictions, but their safety remains of grave concern. He said, “There have been a series of criminal activities, particularly robberies on our businesses, like supermarkets.

“In recent times there have been robberies in Debe, Endeavour and other districts, in which one Chinese workman was killed.” Chow said he was worried that a shortage of jobs and income in households due to the lockdown, could contribute to an escalation in criminal activities.

“I believe where there is supermarket activity, these types of businesses remain vulnerable, Many of our business owners live in fear of being an additional target, so they do not report their robberies or crimes against them to the police,” he said. Chow added that it was disheartening that people have resorted to killing each other for trivial things.


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