Haiti – News

Hinche : 5 contaminated Haitians flee from the hospital
Dr. Denis Jean, Departmental Director of the Center Department of the Ministry of Public Health, confirmed that 5 people who tested positive for Covid-19 fled this week from Sainte Thérèse de Hinche hospital, fearing that if the we do not quickly find these people they risk infecting a lot of people… See also :

Covid-19 : Contribution of the Canez Group
The Canez Group announces an estimated contribution of US $ 60,000 for the Haitian Endemic Disease Foundation, Bernard Mevs Hospital, Saint Luc Hospital and Canapé Vert Hospital. This contribution includes 5 hospital-grade oxygen concentrators, around 20 hospital beds and 100 mattresses. In addition, a generator will be made available to Bernard Mevs Hospital for the duration of the health crisis.

The Haitian Compas Festival on the internet
the Haitian Compas Festival which had been postponed until next year because of the Covid-19, will take place this year but on the internet on Saturday May 16, 2020 called “Quarantaine Edition”. To be continued…

Arrests of two bandits
A 12-gauge rifle, of Tristar brand, was seized by the Croix-des-bouquets police, during the arrest this week of two individuals (Legrand Ricardo and de Lubin Willy) traveling on a motorcycle in the “Terre Rouge” area.

Guyana : Supply of protective equipment
Saturday Rodolphe Alexandre, President of the Territorial Collectivity of Guyana handed a batch of protective visors to the Consul of Haiti in Guyana, Mrs. Judnie Galdine Souffrant. These personal protective equipment will be used to protect fragile people or those on the front line within the Haitian community.


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