El Salvador: Who’s Afraid of Coronavirus?

We are living in a period of time that seems to be taken out of a science fiction book. A pandemic that has paralyzed the planet and a good part of humanity locked up in our homes, while the economies of an unsustainable global system collapse under these conditions. This is the most significant event of the century; from which nobody knows how we are going to get out.

This moment, so bizarre, so unusual, so critical, is the transitional step between the world we knew and the new one we will find when we leave our homes.

No one knows for sure what the new world will be like, but it seems clear that it largely depends on what we, the citizens, do now.

Today in El Salvador we face a triple crisis: health, economic and democratic. The first caused by a virus; the second from the measures required to combat the virus; the third by an undemocratic government. We need to resist, and survive, all three.

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