Dominican Republic: Government repudiates the march of the ‘pilgrim’

The Government repudiated last night the excesses that occurred in the city of Puerto Plata during a march in clear violation of the isolation rules against the coronavirus ordered by the authorities more than a month ago.

The Minister of the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo, blamed the local authorities for not only allowing but encouraging the activity of the pilgrim Mildomio Adames who brought together thousands of people, despite the prohibitions that weigh on such acts in the country.

Montalvo described the act as “very serious irresponsibility”.

“It is a capital recklessness that entails a great risk for the population in the present scenario of a pandemic that we are going through,” said the official in a video broadcast from the National Palace.

In addition, the official maintained that it is unacceptable for the police authorities of the province to adopt a passive attitude towards what was happening.

“I also want to point out that, in flagrant violation of the agreements reached by 911 with local governments, yesterday (Saturday) in Imbert and today (Sunday) in Puerto Plata, 911 ambulances were used in the activities carried out. We recall that these ambulances were ceded under contract to mayors by the National Emergency and Security System for use exclusively in emergency care, ”explained the Minister of the Presidency.

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