Antigua: PM says MP Pringle’s ‘Constitutional duty’ to participate in ERC

The Executive of the United Progressive Party (UPP) recently announced that the Leader of the Opposition, Jamale Pringle, will not be participating in the Economic Recovery Committee (ERC), but Prime Minister Gaston Browne described that decision as a “dereliction of duty.”

In fact, Browne said that members of the party “are allowing their personal egos to literally undermine any semblance of loyalty that they may have to this country”.

The ERC is a group that is being established to find solutions to the country’s economic fallout in “the wake of the unexpected and severe exogenous shock of the Covid-19 pandemic”

The first meeting of the ERC is set for 3 pm today, April 27, but on Friday, the UPP said “no discussion has yet been held, and no formal invitation has been issued to him [Leader of the Opposition] or to the UPP, who’s Executive and Membership he represents.”


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