Democrats demand answers on whether Amazon ‘lied’ about data tactics

Amazon’s antitrust problems deepened in Washington on Thursday as lawmakers and advocacy groups alleged that the online retailing giant may have lied to Congress about the tactics it employs against rival sellers on its platform.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and other prominent big tech critics seized on a Wall Street Journal report that said Amazon employees have used information collected from third-party sellers to launch competing products — even though the company testified to the House Judiciary Committee in July that it does not.

“This is exactly what happens when you let a giant company be both the umpire and a player in the game,” Warren said in a statement. “Amazon needs to explain why it misled Congress — and we need to break up Amazon and big tech.”

Amazon disputed the accuracy of the Journal’s account and said it did not offer “intentionally misleading” testimony, but said it would conduct an internal investigation into the report.

The committee’s leaders vowed Thursday evening to press the company for answers.


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