Bahamas: Thompson Backs Firms Who Have Kept Workers Employed

While the tourism sector and related businesses on Grand Bahama have been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Minister of State for Grand Bahama Kwasi Thompson is commending industrial companies who have kept their workers employed during this time.

#He is encouraging other businesses who can also keep their employees working from home to do so.

#“We reiterate the message put forth by the Prime Minister that we don’t want employers to be unnecessarily laying off workers. And in GB, those businesses that can keep on employees we implore them to keep them employed,” he said.

#Mr Thompson noted Grand Bahama’s tourism sector has been significantly impacted.

#“We have seen in the tourism sector, unfortunately, most of the hotels are closed as a result of not having any tourists, and those businesses that are related to tourism don’t have any business, so they have been affected significantly,” he said.

#Minister Thompson noted the shutdown has also impacted businesses that are not being able to operate at this time in GB and other places in The Bahamas.

#As a result of this, he stated the government has taken a proactive approach by implementing the new Social Services assistance and the National Insurance programmes to help those Bahamians who are affected.

#He indicated a special programme has also been put in place at National Insurance for those who are self-employed.


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