Trinidad: Collect covid19 assistance forms by 4pm

People who are experiencing financial distress during the covid19 pandemic can now go to designated police stations to receive their application forms for financial assistance, food support and rental assistance.

The Social Development Ministry has made this available to those who have been retrenched, terminated or have experienced loss of income during the pandemic.

The ministry said while it was preferred that applications be done online or sent in by e-mail, it did recognise that not everyone had access to the internet or scanning services, so it is now working with the police to help people access the forms.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith on Saturday said people could go to the police stations, make their requests and they would be guided accordingly to access the documents.

“This came as a request from the Minister of Finance and I approved. I would prefer that people do this before 4 pm – the period where people may be given a degree of flexibility to attend to business and purchase of items – so within working hours.”

The completed forms should be returned to the social welfare district offices closest to where the applicants reside. The ministry also advised that people going to make applications continue to practise social distancing and continue to use online options as much as possible.


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