Dominican Republic: The clergyman has claimed the lives of 27 people in the middle of the Covid-19

Clerén is an illegal alcoholic drink (without health registration) sold in bulk and consumed by low-income people, mainly in the border area with Haiti, due to its low cost (it is worth three times less than rum), according to the definition that appears in the media.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and the state of forty in the country, it has become something more than that but also another epidemic alert for the authorities, according to the Minister of Public Health himself in his customary press conference.

Minister Cárdenas explains that they are going to drink clergy.

Paradoxically, these deaths have occurred in places where a case of coronavirus has not been reported, or are very minimal.

Last December, the consumption at a wake in Elías Piña of this homemade drink allegedly contaminated with methanol, caused the death of at least 12 Dominicans, of 33 affected by poisoning, according to official figures issued by the Ministry of Public Health.

How is it prepared
How is the clergy prepared and how can it be contaminated? It is made with sugar cane and fermentable fruits; Methanol contamination can occur by distillation of woods used as raw material or flavoring or by adding solvent products with high methanol content such as thinner.


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